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Dominick Hollinshead

Dominick Hollinshead


Dom has been with the Beer and Cider Company since 1996. Working part time whilst at uni he joined full time when finished.


Rugby, Travel, trying to make this not sound like a bad CV

Favourite Beers

Black Sheep Ale

Bristol Beer Factory

Edward Hollinshead

Edward Hollinshead


Ed is one of the ‘newer’ members of The Beer & Cider Co. having started a full time role in July 2000, however he has been unloading containers and stamping stock since high school to help in the family business! Over his time with the company, Ed has seen a massive explosion in the range of beers available in Australia, and is constantly telling suppliers that the Australian market is one of the most diverse, with the most knowledgeable consumers in the world.


Competitive eating, and the B-sides of Huey Lewis & The News.

Favourite Beer

Depends on the mood, the weather, the drinking buddies. It changes all the time! Well-balanced Red IPAs at the moment… that is now out of date.

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